Erwin Redl


Credits für das Foto:

Year: 2000/2005
Medium: Light Installation with green LEDs
Dimensions: 52 x 84 x 20 ft / 16 x 26 x 6 m (length x width x height)
Exhibition:  Exhibition “Ecstasy: In and About Altered States”, 2005
Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
Curator:  Paul Schimmel
Photographer: Ira Lippke

Fotocredit: Ira Lippke

Michael Bleyenberg

Hanns Frei

Hanns Frei – Remake von Marcel Duchamp’s GROSSES GLAS
Remake von Marcel Duchamp‘s
„Junggesellenmaschine mit Braut, nackt entblößt sogar“

Estela Sokol

My portfolio and also some projects.
Estela Sokol

Anibal Catalan

Anibal Catalan
Mexico city

Samson YOUNG

Beethoven Piano Sonata, nr.1 – nr.14 (Senza Misura) from Samson Young on Vimeo.

Beethoven Piano Sonata, nr. 1 – nr. 14 (Senza Misura)
Samson YOUNG

Senza misura in musical notation denotes the absence of bar lines, which is to say, to perform in free time.In Beethoven Piano Sonata, no. 1 – no. 14 (senza misura), „musical“ contents are stripped bare so that only the temporal grids remain: the installation is consisted of 47 electronic devices, each ticking / blinking to the tempo of one of the movements from Beethoven’s piano sonata no. 1 to no. 14.

Svetlana Blum

Lichtobjekte Svetlana Blum

Norbert Francis Attard

Norbert Francis Attard – Malta- Berlin

Balint Bolygo

I have recently finished a permanent light installation in a hotel here in London 

Jakob Mattner

Fotos der derzeitigen londoner Ausstellung von Jakob Mattner.